Sourdough Starter and Bread Information and Resources for ‘The Virtual Commons Feast’, part of Launching the Commons: A Virtual Gathering with The MERL, 30 July 2021

As a recipient of a sourdough culture from Josefin Vargö’s Levande Arkivet (The Living Archive) to kick start your own yeast community, you need to enliven it before you can bake with it.

When making your bread:

Each starter is accompanied by the unique story from its baker. During the slow fermentation of the sourdough process, we encourage you to mix its narrative with your dough, and fold your own memories and reflections on value, time, labour and the process within it.

Click below to download some resources that we have gathered about how to keep your starter alive and suggestions of how to go about baking with it. When discarding a fraction of your starter when you are feeding it, we suggest not throwing it away. There are many things you can make with this ‘discard’. Just ‘Google’, recipes with sourdough starter discard recipes. I love adding it to flatbread dough and to pancake batter, for instance.

Image Credit: Kristen Fraser

Finally, we invite you to participate in The Virtual Commons Feast, designed by Josefin and Amanda Couch part of the ‘Launching The Commons: A Virtual Gathering’ with The MERL on Friday 30 July from 6 – 7.45pm. Don’t forget to book via the

Alongside talks, videos and performances by artists, Catherine Morland, Amanda Couch, Sigrid Holmwood, and Kelechi Anucha and Carl Gent, and a live walk through in the galleries by The MERL curator, Ollie Douglas, the event will also include The Virtual Commons Feast, where we hope you will join us with food and drink, including your sourdough bread that you have prepared in advance to eat and share. 

 What is a Commons Feast?

To accompany your bread, you are encouraged to forage for and prepare dishes from wild foods, and/or from foods of producers local to you. We have been posting suggestions on the project’s Instagram account, for when and how to forage, prepare and preserve seasonal wild foods. It is hoped, that these prompts will guide you to make and remake the commons by rediscovering the knowledge of the land and to circumnavigate the commercialization of the food system to make accessible the abundance and nutrition of wild foods to all, independent of wealth. Connecting with local food producers also undermines the increasingly dominant mass industrial food model, creating local, ethical and sustainable food systems.

See Instagram: @reenchanting_the_commons and @amandacouch_art

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