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Tripe Tureen

I’ve been attempting to make a ceramic piece based on 18th century naturalistically modeled animal head tureens that I first saw at the Musée de la Chasse et de la Nature, Paris in February.Image

My tureen is to be a stomach to house and serve tripe from for my next Reflection on Digestion performance dinners.


Entrail Troyen

Entrail Troyen is currently 50cm long. 

A tube of French knitting made from gleaned skins of salami sausages and dried sausage casings. It is a work in progress, being added to when donations of salami are offered. I hope it will eventually be the length of the small intestine. It is a bit pongy at the moment, pervading the body of its audience through the nostrils. 

Troyes where the French knitting industry began. The intestines where the body starts to decay.